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24 July 2011

The city hall

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Aoulourou Sénta Marïo

Oloron Sainte Marie is the capital of upper Bearn in the county of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (France).

The city, about 12 000 inhabitants, is situated in the entrance of three valleys: the Aspe valley, the Ossau valley and the Barétous valley.

Formerly Iluro, because of the name of an Iberian divinity, the city was a part of the province of Novempopulanie of the Roman administration, on the way of the Somport pass. Destroyed by the Normans in the middle of the IXth century, the young Viscount of Bearn, Centulle V, comes to build the new city of Oloron on the Roman oppidum in 1080, on Saint-cross mound.

In 1858, under Napoleon III, the cities of Saint-Marie and Oloron, rivals for approximately eight centuries, are gathered.

Oloron Sainte Marie is a destination appreciated for its historical heritage, the wealth of its culture, its exceptional environment convenient to the sports and open air activities

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